Try our non-alcoholic gin: the perfect blend of meticulously picked distilled botanicals.

Our infusion of aromatics is powerful and refined, distilled in small batches in an authentic copper still, to capture their bright and vibrant flavors. We are certain it will leave an impression.

An impactful and attractive 750 ml glass bottle with resealable cap, perfect to create your own mocktails at home.

Share your best mocktails on Instagram and tag us. Let your creativity inspire us!

Enjoy our perfect natural botanical blend:

1. First, enjoy the spicy notes similar to a classic gin:
Juniper Berries | Coriander seeds |  Cardamom

2. Then, note the peppery taste, evoking the warmth of alcohol:
Pink peppercorns |  Grains of paradise

3. Finish with fresh citrus top notes to balance:
Yuzu Lemon |  Cucumber

4. Enjoy to your heart’s content- without the worry of overindulging!

Mix as you wish.

Be your own bartender and experiment with new ingredients and recipes.

PINK Gin & ToniC

Treat yourself to the fresh and fruity taste of summer …

Find the famous fresh and botanical taste from the distillate infused with three key ingredients of classic English Gin: juniper berries, green cardamom seeds and coriander seeds. This mocktail has a hint of bitterness specific to classic Gin and Tonic, thanks to quinine, with a fruity twist : the tasty sweetness of blackcurrant. It’s the perfect blend to enjoy on your summer evenings!

Gin & Tonic

Inspired from classic British gins, our Clever Mocktail Gin & Tonic starts with an infused distillation of juniper berries, green cardamom seeds, and coriander seeds.  It’s these three ingredients, found in all classic British gins, that contribute the fresh herbal notes to the product.  We also add a touch of quinine that gives the distinct bitterness found in a classic G&T.

clever mojito

Our Clever Mojito begins with an infusion of two types of mint: sweet mint and peppermint.  This combination imparts the mint flavour without the bitterness. Just before distilling, lime peels are added to obtain a fresh and aromatic infusion.  We wrap up our mocktail with 100% natural flavours to obtain the rhum notes you would recognize in the alcoholic mojito previously enjoyed on your favorite beach or patio!

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