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Mix pack

12 cans - 355 ml

Take advantage of our discovery offer: a 12 mocktails mixed pack for 34.99$!

Offer available until 11/30

3 Clever Mojitos

3 Gin and tonic

3 Pink gin and tonic

3 Moscow mule

1 case with all our Clever mocktails, no need to choose!

45.99 $

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Krista Rosadiuk

On December 21 2021

These are by far the best Alcohol Free product I have purchased! Each flavor has a fresh taste and mimics the real deal smoothly. The Mojito and the Pink are my favorite! I have yet to try to try the Moscow Mule, but am sure it will be just as delightful. I can join in social or celebratory drinks without the swimmy head or bad choices haha The complex and tasty flavors make it so I don't feel like I'm missing out on anything, except a hangover. Thank you Clever for creating this beverage, I can't wait to receive my order for the holidays :)

Marie Ormiston

On December 10 2021

Everything Clever makes is absolutely delicious. I just ordered another case of everything you make.

Debbie Oleksyn

On November 4 2021

Love love love them! I first discovered them in BC. Now I have found them in Alberta. You really can’t tell there’s no gin in them. ( except for the lack of buzz☺️) They are sooo yummy! Great alternative to a cocktail !

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