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Gin & pink tonik

Enjoy this fresh and fruity taste!

Our carefully confection distillate start with three classe English gin ingredients: juniper berries, green cardamom seeds and coriander seeds. This mocktail has a hint of bitterness specific to classic Gin and Tonic, thanks to quinine, with a fruity twist: the delicate fruitiness of blackcurrant. It’s the perfect blend to enjoy whenever you want, as much as you want, especially when the weather warms up!

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On August 23 2022

Great flavour!! This needs to come to Europe!


On July 20 2022

I can no longer drink due to heart issues. Just tried both the pink and regular G&Tonic. Amazing flavor. I rimmed my glass with lime and I swear it tasted just like the real deal Please sell more in the U.S! This is now my go to summer drink!


On July 4 2022

Love gin and tonics but don’t really love alcohol. This was super tasty! Had a nice herbal flavour well balanced with a fruity bite from the black currant and sweetness from quinine.


On September 16 2021

I have stage 3 kidney disease and I’m not supposed to drink alcohol….but I do. So this is going to be a great change for my health. Love these mocktails!!

Tami Boulton

On August 17 2021

Best mocktails ever! Bought some for my daughter to hide her pregnancy from friends in her first trimester. It worked well. Friends who tasted the G & Tonic thought it was the real thing. There so good that I’m drinking them too!

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