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Clever Mojito

Our Clever Mojito begins with an infusion of two types of mint: sweet mint and peppermint. This combination imparts the mint flavour without the bitterness. Just before distilling, lime peels are added to obtain a fresh and aromatic infusion. We wrap up our mocktail with 100% natural flavours to obtain the rhum notes you would recognize in the alcoholic mojito previously enjoyed on your favorite beach or patio!

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On August 29 2022

Great tasting & refreshing! My husband found your product today and poured me a Clever Mojito in a nice glass! Will be buying more! Thank you


On August 21 2022

Does not taste good at all. Nothing like the real thing. Had to dump them out. Also had mojito and it taste like mouth wash.


On July 27 2022

Great flavors! My fave is the mojito which is also not too sweet. Many af drinks can be but these guys got it right My dad, who used to mock mocktails (Haha) enjoyed their mojito and gin so much that he requested that I bring him more.


On May 28 2022

Absolutely love Clever Mocktails. I'm just over a year sober and don't feel like I'm missing out on my fave drinks. Can't wait to try more!!

Dominique Lalonde

On May 18 2022

In love with these mocktails! As a breastfeeding mom it's really great to find a tasty non-alcoholic alternative Would absolutely recommend to anyone looking for a nice refreshing non-alcoholic beverage Cheers!

Victoria Znajewski

On February 1 2022

These mocktails are so refreshing and delicious! Thank you Josephine for giving me a pack to try, I am so happy with them. I love the pink G and tonic! It is my favourite.


On January 3 2022

Loved it! Great for people doing the no alcohol thing but craving a good cocktail. Delicious balance of flavors, minty and sharp soda bite


On September 9 2021

Definitely enjoyed this! Balanced flavors, good bubble factor, and just an overall delicious beverage.


On August 29 2021

Tasty ! Very refreshing. Not too sweet. We love it. :-) Très bon ! Rafraichissant, et pas trop sucré. On adore. :-)

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